Paphos Harbour Walkabout

Published 19th of September, 2023

On sunday we went for a walk along the Sea Front and Harbour. We made some film, flew the drone and took some pictures. It was a lovely late summer morning. In this article we shall show you how the Harbour is doing now that the Summer tourist season is winding down...

A Sunday Stroll


The Sea Front and Harbour are lovely in the early morning. They are great later on too, but at the start of the day, before the heat of the sun has yet to take full control, you can really appreciate the surrounding beauty without being bothered too much by the temperature.

The Surrounding Beauty


And here is some of that beauty. You can see the lighthouse in the distance. Just in front and to the right of that is the ancient theatre. On the mid-right of the picture you can just make out Saranta Colones (40 Column Fortress) behind the trees. And to the left you have the main mosaic building. In front of all that, you have the well maintained free car park. You can see also where they have altered the course of the access route to the castle, to allow more room for pedestrians and flowerbeds.



To our East lies the main Sea Front. We will visit there in our next article.

Harbour From Above


In this shot you can see just how many flower beds there are.

Archaeological Park Entrance


And they are very photogenic! If you want to visit the Archaeological Park, that is the main entrance in the background. I recommend visiting in the early morning at this time of year, owing to the temperature. For more information on the park, see our Paphos Archaeological Park Page.

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