Old Paphos Pumpkin Paradise

Published 31st of July, 2022

The other day I was out taking photographs for the next part of my local around Old Town in 2022. Along the way I called into Pumpkin House, to see how Evi was getting along. Her emporium will feature in that story, but there was so much new stuff to see the shop that I thought it deserved its own article. So come and have a look at what Evi has been creating...

A Square Of Hands


Near the Markideio Theatre in Old Paphos, is a Square with a nice statue in it, showing lots of hands. Behind that statue is a fine yellow building. And within that building you can find Pumpkin House.

Warm Welcome


So don't be shy! Come in and peruse the pumpkins.

Plenty Of Pumpkins


This is not the first time we have showed you around Pumpkin House. For our previous visits, see the links at the foot of the page. I shall try and focus on some of the latest additions to the family of creations.

Something For All Budgets


Most of the merchandise is on display in the front room. We shall take a closer look in a while. First, let's say hello to Evi.

Meet The Artist


Evi Kokkinou has an amazing talent for turning pumpkins (or gourds) into beautiful works of art.

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