Mall Christmas Lights 2021

Published 10th of December, 2021

Christmas is coming, and tonight (Friday 10th) main lights are due to be switched on at 6PM. The Mall decs have been up for a while now, so we thought we would have a wander. We also compare them to the Mall lights in Nicosia. Which ones do you prefer?

First Floor Rear


We entered The Mall from the back entrance, which opens onto the first floor. There was a familiar sparkly bear there.

Down Below


His brother was below him, on the ground floor.

Arty Closeup


I love tinsel. It really brings Christmas alive when it sparkles in the fairy lights.

Holiday Village


There were more decorations on the ground floor, but I remember from previous visits that you could get a good view of them from above.

Oh Christmas Tree


The decorations are pretty much the same as they were last year. But given how nice they are, this is hardly surprising.

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