From White River Beach to Arodes

Published 17th of September, 2019

After a recent swim on an Akamas beach, we drove back to Polemi over one of our favourite off-road routes. Let's see what the Akamas had to show us along the way...

Distant White River


White River Beach is the first patch of sand you hit once you enter the Akamas. It used to be adorned with a few sunbeds, but these were removed a while ago, and the road closed. So to get to the beach you now have to park at the top of the Akamas-side hill and walk down the track. I had been hoping for calm - photography friendly - waters, but the recent rains had made it a bit too choppy for what I had in mind. So we had a nice swim and decided to take the scenic route back to Polemi. This is the road that leaves the main road and heads straight up the hill. Follow that, and you will soon come to a T junction where you turn right to a church, but then you take a left and continue once more up the hill.

Hidden Gorge


I love the countryside up here. White River has carved a small gorge through the land, less impressive than the Avakas and its immediate neighbour, but nevertheless worthy of viewing.

How Green Is My Valley?


It is very peaceful up here. All you can hear is the distant clang of goat bells.

Snake Valley


The route takes you past some breathtaking scenery. Down there, far below, is the area I call "Snake Valley". This is because there is a particular gorge there, and every time I have walked its course, I have narrowly avoided stepping on a rather large adder. So it is best viewed from a distance!

There is also an old ruin, you can just make out in the nearer foreground. Unfortunately, I was taking these pictures with my phone, as I was in a bit of a hurry, and wasn't supposed to be stopping for photos. Had I used my DSLR I could have zoomed in on the ruin to show you it in detail, but the close-up using the phone was just too grainy. Still, a future trip could be to visit the ruin, and I will be sure to have my proper camera with me then.


This was the same viewpoint, looking towards Avakas Gorge.

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