Troodos Winter Wonderland 2024

Published 3rd of February, 2024

Queue Forming


Here it is. When I was there a queue was forming, as the drag lift had not yet opened.

Toboggan Run


When we visit as a family, we normally bring a toboggan or two. Well, a sheet of plastic with hand-holds, to be precise. The slopes here have a dedicated toboggan run and you can find it just beyond the second draglift you saw in the previous picture.

Pristine Condition


The snow was fairly deep, and had only fallen in the last couple of days. This meant that a toboggan piste had yet to form on the slope.

View From The Top


In fact, this was the only toboggan trail that I saw.

Frozen Feature


When I reached the top of the hill, the draglift still hadn't sprung into life. So I was able to capture the snow settling on the cable and one of the handles.

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