Theletra Waterfalll

Published 20th of March, 2022

The abandoned village of Theletra, between Stroumpi and Kathikas, is a great place to visit and explore. Equally fascinating is the surrounding countryside, which consists of forgotten tracks and overgrown orchards and vineyards. The other day we went exploring, looking for a church. I am still not sure whether we found it or not. But we had a lot of fun on the way, and discovered a little waterfall...

The Adventure Begins


Our story begins here. This is a junction you pass on the way down to Old Theletra. It is just outside the village. There are two signs pointing to Saint Anastasia, along with a picture of a church. So we naturally assume that this means that there is a church down there somewhere. Now, to turn left here, we actually had to drive into Old Theletra and turn round, then come back out. It is a very sharp turn.

The Awaiting Countryside


In our journey today we will be going down that left hand track. As you can see, it is very beautiful here, even when the weather is cloudy and overcast. If you are a bit wary driving down dodgy roads, leave the car in Theletra and walk it. You will get some decent exercise and won't be restricted by the car.

Close Ups


And while I will be taking landscape shots, Alex will be providing the in-depth images. Stay tuned for some hot naked men! Hubba Hubba!



Anyway, this is how close the turning is to Theletra. You can see the start of the ruins right there.

Many Gorges


The area has fascinated me for a long time, as there are a lot of hidden gorges around. This is due, I think, to the amount of gypsum rock in the area, which is water-soluble. It is worth remembering as well that the reason Theletra was abandoned was due to the threat of landslides. Having said that, we did notice in the village itself that one of the ruins is currently being renovated, so perhaps life is being breathed back into the old part of Theletra? There are already a couple of residents. Anyway, this article isn't about Theletra itself. You can find more information on that using the links below this article.

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