From Miliou to Theletra

Published 30th of November, 2019

While we were exploring the sulphur springs of Miliou a few weeks ago, we couldn't help but notice a village in the distance. When we realised that it was the abandoned village of Theletra, we were surprised, as we hadn't appreciated how close the two places were. So we thought we would find a scenic route between the two locations...

Distant Theletra


This is the road down to the Sulphur Spring trail. If you look above the gorge, you can just make some buildings on the far hillside. That's Theletra. In our last look at the countryside around Miliou (for the time being) we are going to drive past the entrance to the trail, and go up the opposite hill. We will then cut left across the side of the valley. That's the plan, anyway.

Alas, no Oranges


If you recall from the recent Spa blog, we met a farmer here and he gave us some lovely oranges. He was nowhere to be seen today though, possibly due to the lateness of the hour.

We shall be driving up the track you see on the left.

Up The Hill


The road is suitable for any car at the moment. However, it can get tricky later on, with potholes and dirt tracks, so be careful if you plan on taking this route yourself.

Here's One We Prepared Earlier


Time of day is quite relevent for a trip like this. If you want to take nice pictures when you make this journey, you really want to do it in the morning or early afternoon. The first time we drove this way it was mid-afternoon. We took this picture on that trip, and already, the light levels are fading. Most of the shots for this blog were taken as dusk approached, so some of them will seem a big gloomy. I could have done the trip again at an earlier time, but there is a reason I chose not to, as I shall explain in a bit.


Still, fading light can make for some dramatic pictures.

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