Sparti Adventure Park

Published 2nd of August, 2017

Get Kitted Out


Once you have paid, you get kitted out with your harness. This takes a bit of time, but fortunately the queue was not long. The staff all spoke English and Russian. Not all of them spoke Greek though!



Prior to visiting the park, I had some concerns over safety. I need not have worried though. The harnesses come attached with two wires. For the duration of the experience, at least one of the wires has to be attached to the safety wire. It is impossible to move along the course without both being attached. It is quite a clever process, and requires training to get the hang of. Even after training, you will have a few hickups prior to getting it running smoothly. This will just result in you having to call for help while you wait on your platform. But that is what the helpers are for.

Junior Park


Now you need to walk to the white platform. This is the structure on the left of the photo above. If you are with younger children, they will want the small routes shown in the photo.

All Sizes Catered For


The small routes are still challenging for little people, but they all seemed to be having fun.



We weren't here for the junior stuff though...

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