Routes To The Blue Lagoon

Published 25th of October, 2021

The coastal route to the Blue Lagoon has come under some scrutiny over recent years, owing to several accidents. Is it really that dangerous, and is the land-based route any safer? Follow us as we take both of them, and decide for yourself.

Aphrodite's Wild Island


We begin our adventure admiring the view. Before we set off down the coast road, we explored the campsite a bit to look for some nice locations to fly the drone. You could see where they have cleared away some illegal buildings, and the foundations of one of them proved an excellent launch site for the drone. We took some lovely film which will no doubt surface at some point, and we also took some pictures.

Aphrodite's Wild Beach


As you can see, it was a perfect day for photographs.

The Restaurant


Don't worry, we will get to the routes soon enough. I know people like this beach though, so I figured you would also like to see some drone pictures of it as well.

Launch Site


I launched the drone from the field you can see here. Look how clear that water is.

One Final Shot


We'll get onto the routes on the next page. Just one more drone shot first though. You can see the boats setting off towards the Blue Lagoon. They are like a flotilla. I wonder if they operate a first-come first-serve basis, or whether there is a more organised structure. Rest assured though, that if you read this article and decide that neither road route is worth driving down, then you will still have plenty of boat tour options to get you to the Blue Lagoon.

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