From Aphrodite's Bath to Blue Lagoon

In this film we take a drive along the dangerous coast road from Aphrodite's Bath to the Blue Lagoon. This route should be treated with respect, as it has claimed several lives over recent years. That being said, if you drive sensibly and keep your eyes on the road, it is actually fairly straightforward. It is certainly easier going than the other route, which you shall see in an upcoming film.

One thing to note is that our camera has built-in levelling, so the route won't look as bumpy as it actually is. To get a better idea of how rough it is, watch the front of the car.

We used a sidecam while filming this, and occasionally we cut to is to show you some outstanding views. If you would prefer a film just showing the front camera then let us know and we will publish that separately.

This route may well be closed in 2022, so enjoy it while you can, safely!

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