Polemi Tulip Festival Is Coming!

Published 30th of March, 2024

As Spring has now officially sprung, the dark soils of Polemi are once again being lifted up from below, and the tulips are emerging to bathe the countryside in glorious colour. And it's not just tulips either. Nature is putting on a magnificent display, and the Good People of Polemi want to celebrate it. Yes, on Sunday 7th April at 11AM, the Tulip Festival is coming to town.

The Field From Above


Years ago tulips covered the fields around Polemi. Modern farming techniques put paid to that, so a specific area was set aside to protect some from civilisation. This is the specific field from above, and you can just about pick out the red hues from up here.

Guard Pooch


Of course, to get to the field you may have to get past Beelzebubbles, Polemi's designated Tulip Guard (also known as Bonnie, and she doesn't guard the tulip field relly, though is very friendly).

Look, Don't Touch


And this is the field. It is well signposted too, throughout the village. To get here, just get to Polemi and follow the signs.

Blooming Wonderful


There's a bumper crop this year.

Drone View


I should point out that these shots were taken with my drone. I didn't invade the inner sanctum of the tulip field, and neither should you unless invited by the powers that be.

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