Petratis Gorge - Part 2

Published 19th of June, 2023

In the concluding part of my journey to Petratis Gorge, I attempt a descent from another location and finally make it to the bottom of the gorge. Was it worth it? Oh yes...

The Middle Of Nowhere


Petratis Gorge is a hidden gem that lies South of the village of Latsi on the North Paphos Coast. In our previous article - Petratis Gorge Part 1 - I explored the area on foot and with my drone, looking for a way down. After that visit, I went over the satellite images of the area which you can find on Google Maps, and compared them to my drone footage. I was able to identify an area where I could hopefully reach the bottom of the gorge.

Getting Our Bearings


In fact, lets have a look at that map we showed in Part 1 again. Here you can see the place where I reached the bottom of the gorge. I drove here from Androlikou. A farm track goes up the lower centre of the map. Follow that until you come to a left turn which takes you along a very rough track to the field you just saw. You can see this drive on the film I just published showing my adventures at Petratis Gorge.

Rock On


I left the car on the far side of the field I had reached, as it was very rocky. It was only a short walk to the edge of the gorge. When I got there the first thing I noticed was this rock formation which looked like it might have been some sort of dwelling in the distant past.

Old Barrel


I soon found what I had seen on the map. A gentle slope which runs down the side of the cliff. It may have been gentle, but it was very overgrown. If you attempt this walk you are strongly advised to wear long trousers and decent walking boots. You may sweat a bit in the heat, but believe me, your legs will thank you for the protection. I walked through a lot of dense undergrowth on this trip.

Signs Of Life


I am guessing a Goat Farmer has some sort of shed here at one point.

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