The Androlikou Countryside

Published 19th of March, 2023

Androlikou is an old Turkish Cypriot Village in the Akamas, South West of Polis. It was largely abandoned after the invasion, though there are signs it is springing into life again. There is a quarry directly below it, which dominates the surroundings, but if you look past that you will see an amazing variety of countryside.

Distant Androlikou


This is the village itself. The shot was taken from the road through the quarry. After the invasion, the village was evacuated, and the Turkish Cypriot community was moved to the North. One couple remained though. A Turkish Cypriot man who was married to a Greek Cypriot woman stayed, and together they continued their farm. They were joined by a few Greek Cypriots who were displaced from the North, but by 2001, according to the census (and the PRIO database) only the couple remained. There appear to be more people living there now though.

The Quarry


There have been mining activities around Androlikou for centuries. The ancient Romans and Greeks extracted copper, iron, and other minerals from the region, and mining continued throughout the medieval and modern periods. Today, the quarries in the area extract building materials such as limestone and sandstone, as well as decorative stones for use in construction and landscaping.

The Other Side Of The Road


The quarry has been in the news a fair bit recently, because the owners want to expand it. It's actually quite a lot bigger than what we can see here. I had intended to fly the drone here today, but a real gale was blowing. So I opted for a traditional camera, and to photograph the surrounding countryside instead.

The Surrounding Countryside


As a second option, it wasn't that bad, was it?

Towards Chrysochou Bay


So in this article I am going to drive towards Polis and takes some pictures along the way. It actually follows the route taken by part of our second Cyprus Road Trip. For more information on that see the link below.

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