Paphos Sea Front At Night

Published 22nd of October, 2023

I've recently started experimenting with filming at night time. My first destination was Paphos Sea Front, and there will be a film of that along tomorrow. While I was down there filming, I also took the opportunity to take some regular shots. So now you dan see what the Sea Front looks like when the sun goes down.

Blue Flag


We shall begin our night time adventure near the Outdoor Gym.

Τα Μπάνια


The restaurant by the Municipal Baths was doing a roaring trade.

Alea Allday Lifestyle


Opposite Τα Μπάνια you will find the cocktail bar Alea Allday Lifestyle.

The Main Drag


I've moved onto the main drag now, and am heading towards the harbour. This is looking back up towards Tea For Two.

Municipal Baths


I was very pleased with how the water looked when I photographed it. I may have taken rather a lot of sea shots, so do forgive my indulgence.

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