Paphos Kataklysmos Festivities - 2024

Published 24th of June, 2024

Kataklysmos is once again upon us, and Paphos is out partying. We took our camera down to the Sea Front on Saturday Night, to see what was occurring. It was truly magical...



Ah, Saturday night, when the street lights turn the gutters to gold, to quote an old Madness song. And last Saturday there was an extra buzz in the air. Kataklysmos had come to Paphos, and the festival was in town.

The Moon Is Full


And Mother Nature was not to be out-done. Or Selene, depending on how Pagan you are feeling. And if you are feeling Pagan, then Kataklysmos is a good time to be in Paphos. According to my limited research, the festival is a peculiarly Cypriot tradition with a mix of Christian and Pagan themes. It coincides with Whit Monday, so you have the descent of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles. It also celebrates the Great Flood, hence the name Kataklysmos (lit. came in two-by-two).



I'm not sure what Pagan aspects are incorporated, as the article where I read that came from a recipe website. But the cake was nice.

And speaking of nice food, you really should try the corn-on-the-cob. It is delicious, and much nicer than you might expect it to be.

Festive Tat


There was an abundance of Fairgroup Fayre on display. At the start of the accompanying film I waxed lyrical about the amount of Pink Panthers we would see in the film. In truth though, the Panther-pickings were rather slim. Spider Man seemed far more popular.

To see the ace film, use the link below. I shall repeat it at the end too.

Paphos Kataklysmos 2024 - The Movie

Skill Games


There were a number of Fairgound Games to be found too. This one seemed to be football orientated.

Oh and before we leave the first page, I would like to say that the Festival is on tonight too. This is what you can see at the Harbour:

And on Monday the events are as follows:


- Aquatic competitions and water sports (co-organiser: Pafos Nautical Club)


- Traditional Cypriot songs and dances with musical group "Dias, Laografikos Omilos Afroditi Geroskipou

- Cyprus traditional dances by Laografikos Omilos "Ktima"

- Music dances with the music group "Enora"

- Cyprus and greek traditional music and dances by the PO.LA.E.K dance group.

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