Paphos in Autumn

Published 22nd of November, 2019

We went the scenic route home to Polemi today, through Foinikas and part of the Ezousa Valley.We took some snaps along the way and present the nicest ones here...

Foinikas from the Dam


This is a familiar scene to regular readers of our blogs. As you can see, the water level is still quite high. However, I decided to see if it was possible now to drive to Foinikas from the Dam end. Since the rains, the route had been under water, but the level had dropped a bit now, so...

Cyprus Traffic Jam


To get to the quick route, you have to drive through the water treatment plant. To get there, we have to wait for these sheep to pass...

Other Side Of The Plant


Heading down into the valley now, it is nice to see that thw water treatment plant is pumping out clear water again. If you remember, after the rains, it was pumping out a muddy brown concuction.

Dam View


A quick look back to the dam.

No Go


Ah, a problem. The road thus far had been bumpier than we remembered but passable. Now though, we come to a dead end. At first glance, there is not much under water here, and it looks like it is possioble to drive across. However, I got out for a closer look, and have to say it gets quite deep very quickly. Not only that, but it is very muddy. So trust me, and don't bother coming this way.

As it was, I had fun reversing back to a suitable turning point, but I made it out ok. I really wanted to see Foinikas though, as I hadn't been for a while. I couldn't really approach it from Nata, as that would be beyond the remit of the "scenic route home". So instead I decided to use the "balls of steel" route.

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