Paphos Harbour Walkabout

Published 19th of September, 2023

King's Restaurant


We are arriving at the Harbour Restaurants now. First up is King's. It was around 8:30AM when I took these shots, so don't expect crowds!

Refurbished Alley


The thing I like about the renovations is that they also cover the less-used areas, like this little alley. It now looks much, much better than before.

Gift Shop


It isn't all restaurants on the harbour though. You can get gifts here too.



And you can also embark on a wide variety of day trips and cruises here too. For more information on what is available, lots of reviews, and the ability to pre-book online, check out the Paphos Tours on the Viator Website, which is run by the people who do Trip Advisor.

Pelican Restaurant


Kokos the Pelican has been in the news recently, as he was feeling unwell. I am happy to report that he is over his bug now, though he wasn't around when I was on my walk.

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