Paphos Coast Walk Part 4

Published 17th of May, 2023

In the fourth part of our pre-season stroll along the Coast Path, we start at the Cypria Maris Hotel and continue up to Pachyammos Beach.

Cypria Maris Hotel


If you missed Part 3 of our journey you can find it here.



There are numerous water sports available here. It is worth noting as well that they are entirely independent of the hotels.

Take Heed


The hotels are keen to point this out too. So do bear this in mind. Of course, the good news is that you don't have to be a guest at the hotels to avail yourself of the services of the watersports operators. Nor do you need to be a guest to go on the beaches.

The Beach Area


Sunbed prices are the same pretty much throughout Cyprus - €2.50 for a bed and €2.50 for an umbrella.



As I walked down the path I came across a game of Shuffleboard that was in full swing, and very popular.

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