Paphos Coast Walk Part 3

Published 15th of May, 2023

Continuing our pre-season exploration of the Paphos Coast Path area we head up from St Nicholas Chapel towards Pachyammos Beach.

Where We Were


This was where we finished the last article. You can see the chapel in the background. So let's waste no time and carry on along the Coast Path.



Before we go though, it only seems polite to say hello to the chap who we met at the end of the last article. He seems to have made himself a bit more comfortable today. It looks like somebody has left a book on the mattress that has got damp, or something.

Pioneer Beach Hotel


The first hotel on our wander is the Pioneer Beach.

Looking Good


The Coast Path is a lovely walk, and it only gets better from here on in.

Asimina Suites Hotel


The next hotel is the Asimina Suites. This is five star, unlike the previous one which was four. However, both of t]hem are adult-only.

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