Paphos Coast Path - Part 7 - Lighthouse Beach to the Elysium

Published 8th of July, 2024

Towards Kefalos Beach Holiday Village


Our route takes us down here. Does anybody know what this looks like at night, by the way? I have recently started taking Evening shots for our daily "Kalispera" picture on Facebook. Given the lack of light it means there are fewer subjects to photograph, so I am looking for inspiration.

Paphos Lighthouse


Let's take a parting look at the Lighthouse.

Beach Bar


The bar here is popular with walkers. There are a few seats too if you need a break.

Nice Shade


Alternately, you could have a cooling rest here. Now that this shaded area is complete, I have to say it looks really nice. Very stylish.

More Shade


The familiar rectangles still adorn the path, providing more shade. How much is enough shade though? People are always complaining about the lack of shade. But if you put too much up you spoil the view and the scenery. Might not the solution be more practical? Why not carry a sun umbrella with you? I see very few of these when I am out and about. Perhaps if people provided their own solutions to problems, it wouldn't be such an issue?

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