Paphos Castle Illuminations

Published 22nd of November, 2023

The Renovations at the Castle end of the walkway now appear to be complete. To appreciate them fully though, you have to visit them at night. Let us show you what they look like.

Into The Night


I parked behind the restaurants in order to take my photos. You can see the path disappearing into the distance here. The entire walkway is illuminated, but the most impressive ones are right by the castle.

Night Waves


Weatherwise, the skies were pretty clear, though it was still a bit windy. The seas were still a bit rough which made it slightly difficult to film, in that the audio was a bit muffled. However, it didn't affect the stills. I made two films in total, as I am practicing night filming ahead of the coming Christmas lights. I will upload one of them to Youtube tomorrow. If you are a subscriber to our Paphos Life Facebook Page you can see the other film in the Subscriber Section.

Let There Be Light


And here you can see what the new area by the castle looks like at night. Discrete lights really bring the place alive.

Castle View


The exposed rocks here look lovely when illuminated in the soft light.


It's not too shabby from this angle either.

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