Oreites Wind Farm

Published 14th of December, 2018

When you are out exploring the countryside of Paphos, it is always handy to have a few prominent landmarks to help guide you home. One of the most prominent is the Oreites Wind Farm. We visited it a few days ago, as we want to show you what it looks like close up. We will also show you some shots we took several years ago, when they were still constructing it...

View From Kouklia


The wind farm, consisting of (according to the web) 41 turbines, was erected between 2009 and 2010. It has a production capacity of 82MW (it says here).

The EUR 200 mln wind power project is the biggest of its kind in the eastern Mediterranean and comprise Danish-made Vestas wind turbines installed and operated by DK Windsupply Ltd., one of the first alternative electricity suppliers on the island.

For more data like that, please read this article.



To get to the wind farm, you have to head to Archimandrita from Kouklia. On the way you will soon see the occasional turbine poking out above the hill tops.

Believe it or not, I actually spent a fair amount of time trying to decide which way to photograph these propellors. I eventually opted for the Mercedes Benz logo approach, in the vague hope that a passing company executive might see fit to sponsor us. I could have opted for a Y shape instead, but I already have enough pants.

A Single Turbine


A lot of people don't like wind farms but I don't have a problem with them. They are quiet, and I don't think they look ugly. I first encountered them in the 80s, driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. There were loads there, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some even consisted of big circles. They looked great, to me at least. All the ones at Oreites are of the traditional three blade variety though.

Off Road


To get up close to any of the turbines, you will need to take one of the many tracks that weave through the forest. After all the rain we have had, I would imagine some of these are a bit tricky to negotiate at the moment, so you may want to wait until next summer unless you don't mind getting your car covered in mud.

Distant Mediterranean


On the off chance that you don't know where the wind farm is, this is the view back towards Paphos Airport, with Paphos to the distant right of the picture.

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