Old Choletria

Published 29th of August, 2018

Turn Here


When we visited Old Choletria, we drove up from Nata and turned right at this building. It is just past the church.

The Main Drag


I may have misread the Choletria website, but it gave the impression that electricity only came to Choletria after they moved: "On the 17th of July, 1975, the new village was supplied with electrical power and by the end of the same year all the families resettled in the new village"

If that was the case, it means these power lines were also added later. The obvious question then, is why did some people remain when the rest of the village moved?



Perhaps some of the old buildings were taken over by Greek Cypriots displaced from the north? The website doesn't say.

Signs of Life


However, it is clear that some of the old buildings are inhabited.

EU Footpath


Not only that, but there has been some new money put into Old Choletria. This path has been presumably restored with EU funding, according to that sign. Well, I am assuming that that's what the sign said. It was all in Greek.

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