Old Town Renovations - 2024

Published 6th of April, 2024

A big new project has recently been started in Paphos Old Town, and when it is complete it will be fantastic. So come and see what they are doing to the Old Police Station at Kennedy Square...

Kennedy Square Car Park


If I told you that they were building a new Historical Documentation Centre in Paphos it probably wouldn't sound very interesting. Believe me though, you will want to know about this. It is being built from the shell of the Old Police Station in Kennedy Square. For the moment, it just means that there is less parking at the Car Park.

Open Both Ends


An aerial view will show you that there is in fact quite a lot of parking still available. The barriers on the main road hide the fact that the other side is also open.

Renovation Work


But what is happening in the area next to the car park?


According to a recent report in Phile News, "The forthcoming building will house and showcase the history of the city, with its roots tracing back to the era of British colonialism when these premises served as the cells and the administrative center for the province".

"The project is set to last for 15 months and will include the redevelopment of the external areas covering 18,000 square meters and the maintenance and conversion of the preserved building of the former Central Police Station, covering an area of 950 square meters."

Artist Impressions


I also made a walking tour film which you can see here, as well as some drone footage. However, for the time being, the best way to get a glimpse of what is to come is by looking at the hoardings that surround the project. The following pictures were taken and thanks to Photoshop's Perpective Warp I was able to present them as regular shots. this one shows the front of the Old Police Station with the fountain.

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