Paphos Mall - Christmas 2022

Published 30th of November, 2022

Christmas is fast approaching, and Kings Avenue Mall have got their decorations up. So we went for a wander, to see what they were like.

Festive Phone Box


It is time for our annual stroll around the Kings Avenue Mall in Paphos, to see the Christmas Decorations. I am used to calling it Paphos Mall, but the old Mall is currently being rejunevated, so next year, there maybe articles coming from two different Malls...

From The Outside Looking In


We shall start our tour from the front of the Mall this time, then walk along the ground floor. Then we will go up the escalaters and come back again to get an aerial view of the roundabout and new walkway.

Skiing Santa


At the entrance you will see a couple of these Santas carrying skis. There are a few of them dotted around the Mall.

Familiar Bauble


The first thing you notice on entering is this decorative bauble. It is obviously at its best when fully illuminated, but I am doing this tour just after opening, so you have to take what you can get.

Stairway To Heaven


That's a point. When I arrived at The Mall, a lady was taking a chain away from the entrance to the underground Car Park. I drove down and there was one car in front of me. Yet when we got down the ramp we could see that there were already loads of cars there. How did they get there then? Or was the chain just put up there temporarily?

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