From Lighthouse To Venus Beach

Published 18th of October, 2023

Towards Kefalos Beach Village


The walkway follows the coast between the sea and the Kefalos Beach Village. One comment made frequently about the renovations is the lack of bins that have been provided along the route. There are actually a couple a bit further up, next to the main section of the village. But for the majority of the walkway, you will have to keep your rubbish in your pockets.

To be honest, I am in two minds about bins. On the one hand, they do keep the place tidier. But on the other hand, unless they are regularly emptied, they soon create an even bigger problem. The trouble is, if people see a full bin, they don't tend to keep hold of their rubbish. Instead, they just pile it on top of the existing rubbish, and an even bigger mess is created. Personally I try and keep my litter with me until I find a centrally-located bin which is emptied frequently.

Nice View


The Lighthouse looks good from here! You can see where the recent storms have been piling up the seaweed on the coast again. This is actually an indication that the water is very clean here. Indeed, the entire Paphos coastline has won awards for clean water.

Beach Bar


There is a nice little beach bar along the route to. A pint of beer is €3.50. I actually saw a holiday maker indulging in one, and it was only about 8:30 in the morning!

Summer Shade


Next up we come across these funny metal structures. This will be popular in the summer time. I wonder if they will adopt a similar design for the Sea Front itself? The shades are a work in progress. As I walked past there were men attaching more covers to one of them.

Water Sports


I didn't know you could go water-skiing here. I don't think I have ever seen anybody doing anything other than paragliding or the Banana Boat.

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