Kouris Dam Overflows

Published 15th of January, 2020

Processing Plant?


It's a bit of a puzzle. It reminded me of the outflow pipe at the Asprokremmos. You may remember a film we shot of that last year, when it was pumping out chocolate-coloured water because of the amount of sludge in the in-flow. However, the plant at the Asprokremmos is on the reservoir-side of the dam, whereas this is downstream.

Waterfall Close-Up


There were a few people taking photographs down here. You can see why.

Further Downstream


There were more waterfalls as you went downstream. Presumably this state of affairs continues all the way to the sea.

Every time a reservoir overflows, people talk about the wasted water. Personally, I don't think there is much that can be done to prevent that. The reservoirs don't overflow every year, so any extra measure would be unused most years. It is more important, for Paphos at least, to ensure that drought prevention plans are put in place. Thankfully, it was announced recently that despite the recent downpours the previously announced measures concerning a desalination plant were still going ahead.


Anyway, let's go topside.

Water, Water, Everywhere...


The scene at the top was beautiful. Snow-capped peaks in the far distance, a stunning, full reservoir, complete with log debris. The icing on the cake would have been no wind, allowing for reflections. But you can't have everything.

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