Kato Paphos Part 4 - Pingouino's Area

Published 21st of November, 2021

Agios Antonios


Having said that, this chapel was locked!


Close Up


I had a look around the outside though, and the grounds are very pleasant. I was intrigued about the history of this little chapel, but couldn't find any information online. It didn't show up on the Victorian map, so it is probably fairly modern. Agios Antonios, or Saint Antony, is the Patron Saint of Lost Things. So if you lose your keys while out for a walk here, you know where to come...

Tropical Nights


Walking past the chapel, we come to Tropical Nights. From what I can gather, this is a cocktail bar. I couldn't find any info about it online though, other than a few pictures on Facebook.

Tropical Nights At Night


At night it looks a bit more illuminated. As I have said before though, to see it at its best you want to be here on a Saturday night, or in the holiday season.

Punch Drunk


There are pool tables here too, and a couple of boxing games. I wonder how many drunken young men have tried to prove their mettle to their mates on these?

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