A short walk through the countryside around Kallepia

Published 11th of February, 2019

Agios Theodoros


When you get to the church, park up. Have a look around too.

Old Church?


In the grounds of the church there appear to be ruins of an older building. Presumably this is the church in a previous incarnation.

Enjoy The Views


Already you should be able to see some glorious scenery. Drink it in.

Start Walking


Ok, so you are now on foot. Hopefully you have brought some refreshments with you. The walk isn't very long but in hotter months you will soon get thirsty.

Distant Forest


I like photographing vineyards, but to avoid boring you I am not showing most of them. That's Paphos Forest in the distance.

Anyway, the track continues downwards into the valley. You may meet the occasional farmer in a truck or tractor on the road, but normally you will have it to yourself.

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