Happy Mothers Day!

Published 31st of March, 2019

In the UK it is Mothers Day today. Cyprus celebrates this wonderful day along with much of the world on May 12th, but as we hail from England, we thought it appropriate to salute mothers today.

A Little Road Trip


Unfortunately, my Mum died a couple of weeks ago, which could dent the mood a little. She and Dad were due to visit this Spring, and she was particularly looking forward to seeing all the spring flowers. So I decided to do a blog showing the places I was planning taking them to. This shot is of the valley between Polemi and Drymou. You can just see the sign pointing to the EOKA hideaway if you look carefully. I took Mum and Dad to see it on their last visit, but that was in the autumn. Mum would be amazed at the difference now...

Paphos Forest


Mum would have loved views like this.

Above Evretou


Now, as I said, I wanted to do a blog showing the places we would have visited together. However, there was a slight snag...

Distant Evretou


The weather has been really bad recently. Ok, not really bad. There haven't been any hurricanes or snow storms, but it has been really wet and cloudy. This isn't really conducive to going out and taking pictures.

Distant Trimithousa


I did manage to get some nice shots, which I took while I was photographing Evretou. This one shows the abandoned village of Trimithousa. If you want to see this, come from the direction of Lysos. I came from Evretou and it is really, really muddy at the moment.

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The reappearance of the two Mediterranean monk seals was welcomed by the winter swimmers who are in the area throughout the year.

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Mainly fine today, showers forecast for tomorrow

A weak northeasterly stream of air is affecting the area.

Monday will be mainly fine however there will be increased cloud at intervals which early in the afternoon may lead to scattered rain in the mountains and in the southwest and at time snow or sleets in the higher Troodos peaks.