Ezousa Washout

Published 8th of March, 2019

On our numerous visits to the dam over the last few days, we have also taken the opportunity to explore the countryside between the Asprokremmos and Polemi. How had the rains affected the Ezousa Valley? Was one of our hidden picnic areas still intact? Could I even get from Ezousa to Kallepia, like I had done on a previous blog? Would I rescue some German tourists? The short answers are badly, ish, no and yes. For a more in-depth discussion, read on.

A Familiar View


The rising Asprokremmos has done wonders for my garden maintenance. It is a good 30 minute drive from Polemi to the dam, but if I include a visit to the Green Point Recycling Centre at Koloni I can justify the journey. So I have been clearing cuttings and loading up the car on a fairly regular basis. And on the return journey, I have been checking out the countryside.

On this particular journey I wanted to see if I could drive up the Ezousa Valley from Episkopi to Kallepia. In drier times I could have taken the high road, through the abandoned settlement of Moro Nero. However, that track is muddy during the middle of summer, so I imagine it would be a quagmire now.

Towards The Sea


So I am approaching Epiksopi from the direction of Nata. If you want to photograph the rock we saw in the photo above, I adivse visiting during the morning. Then the sunlight will be showing the rock off beautifully.

Pretty Flowers


No matter what time of day you visit though, the views are lovely. And at the moment, the spring flowers are coming into bloom too.

Full River


The road across the floor of the valley is still crossable. A couple of days previous there had been much less water though. Coming from Nata, I will be turning right after this bridge.

Second Crossing


The road near Episkopi along the base of the valley is pretty good. Any car can navigate it, though at the moment this bit is under water.

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