Coral Bay Strip - May Report

Published 14th of May, 2024

May has arrived, and with it another site visit to the Coral Bay Strip. During my tour I put all your questions to the Supervising Engineers. Find out how the renovations have progressed, and when the strip will be open again. Let's jump right in...

View From The Top


We shall begin with a view from the main Coast Road. You can see a number of people hard at work. This continued down the entire length of the Strip. There are now a total of five subcontractor companies finishing off the paving.


I took my drone shots after I had finished the tour. You can see how far they have progressed at this end now.

If you cannot wait to see the film of the tour, use the link below.

Coral Bay Strip Site Visit - May 10th 2024



As in my previous visits I was chaperoned by Demetris - the Supervising Engineer, and Mr Pantelis Pantelidis, who is the Municipal Engineer and the Coordinator of the Project. My first question was about the rumour I heard that the President himself was going to officially open the Strip on the 20th. Well, it turns out that this isn't strictly true. He has been invited to on an unconfirmed date, as of yet. I then asked if the Strip would open before that if it was ready. The reply I received was that the Strip will open as soon as it is ready. If they finish on the 18th they will not wait until the 20th to open it.

Just to make it clear, Mr Pantelidis was not saying that the Strip will definitely be finished by the 18th. However, they are now literally days away from finishing.

Smoothing The Edges


There were lots of these on the go before the start of the tour, making a lot of noise. Fortunately they stopped for the walkaround itself. Otherwise the microphones wouldn't have been able to cope.

Anyway, I asked as to how they had coped with delays. It turns out that the actual contract completion date was not the end of April but May 11th. The End of April had been set as a target to motivate people. And when you compare it to most building projects, it worked pretty well. There had been slight delays because of rainfall and Easter, but nothing major.

What was very noticable was the amount of workers dotted around the site. People with little experience of construction sites often criticise periods of inactivity or clusters of men standing around a hole, without appreciating what goes on behind the scenes. But in this case, there is no such criticism to be made. There were workers up and down the entire length of the Strip. To ensure completion, there are now five companies working on the final stages.

Raising The Standard


My next question involved the level of the road relative to the various businesses. Each business is responsible for constructing ramps to ensure correct access. You can see how King's Supermarket has done this very elegantly. And hasn't it been transformed?

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