Coral Bay Strip Renovations - March Update

Published 28th of March, 2024

Hard Core


They were busy getting the road ready for concreting. After which, they will be laying granite and marble tiles. It will ook fantastic!

This visit happened on Wednesday 27th. As we publish on the 29th, they have already started laying concrete.


I was very envious of this roller. A smaller version would be very useful in my garden.

On Street Parking


Another question that came up was the issue of on-street parking. Pantelis informed me that there would be some provision for it, where possible. It would also be free. Of course, that may change in the future, but for the moment there were no plans to charge.

He also mentioned that there was a lot of parking space behind the restaurants. I was unaware of this, but you will see it in the third film.

Down The Drain


Demitris was keen to point out that a lot of work that has been completed is now underground. I cannot show you a picture of the finished telecommunications, power and sewage system, but it is done.


If you saw the first film you may recall how it is progressing in two stages. The top section is a step in front of the coastal section, so that more work can be conducted on-site at one time.

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