Cliff Social

Published 7th of July, 2022

Last year we reported on Agios Georgios Shrine Chapel, on the Moutallos Cliffs of Paphos. It had been renovated so we went to check it out. Unfortunately, the playground on the other side of the road was in a bit of a state. Well, since then, that has also undergone a transformation, so let's go and take a look at Cliff Social...

Swanky Update


This was the scene a few days ago. Compare that to what the area looked like last year (see Moutallos link at foot of page for that) and I think you will agree that it looks a lot better now.

The Shrine Chapel


This was why we visited the area last year. It is still looking good. We have included the virtual tour we did of the place at the end of this article.

Bouncy Joy


I should perhaps explain where "here" is. This area is in Moutallos, which is on the western side of Old Town. For a map of the area see the map link below.

Anyway, the playground looks a lot better now, and it looks like at peak times there might be a Bouncy Castle available.

Hello Paphos!


What used to be a rusting metal hulk is now a trendy cafe. They aren't wrong either, Paphos was looking beautiful today. Before we go in I shall have a walk around the outside. I am not going to eat or drink anything here, so don't expect a review of the actual restaurant. I will instead be looking at the area. There is a good reason why I'm not at least having a drink though. When I took these pictures I was on the way to fly my drone for a client. I didn't want to get caught short in the middle of a field, so thought it best to keep intake to a minimum.

That was possibly more detail than you needed to know. But hey ho...

Infuriating Mystery


Walking to the rear of the Cafe I noticed a bricked up entrance to a cave. I wonder what's behind that? Could it be a forgotten entrance to a lost city? The Holy Grail itself perhaps? Sadly we shall never know.

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