Moutallos Shrine Chapel

Published 5th of September, 2021

Lots of areas of Paphos are undergoing a transformation at the moment, as anybody who has tried to drive up the B7 past Lidl can testify. One particular corner of Moutallos has already received some TLC and we decided to pay it a visit...

Distant Lighthouse


We are standing near St George's School in the Moutallos area of Paphos. The road here heads down into Kato Paphos and has featured in a couple of recent films we published. We first came here a couple of years ago. At the time, the area was looking a bit in need of some TLC. Well, it has now had it.

Agios Georgios Chapel


Here's the chapel. We will look inside in a while, but it is actually quite tiny. The real appeal of this chapel is the surrounding rocks.

St George's School


The chapel appears to be named after the nearby school; St Georges. You can see it across the road.

St George's Play Area


There is a play area below the school. This is currently being renovated and we shall feature it in a future article.

Park Here


If you want to explore the chapel, there is a handy lay-by right next to it. So let's go and take a look...

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