Chloraka Coast Path - Part 3

Published 12th of February, 2024

In the final part of our walk along Chloraka Coast Path we travel from Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort to Sandy Beach in Lemba. Our route takes us past the Baracas Lounge and finishes on the main Coast Road from Paphos to Coral Bay.

The Final Leg


We begin the final part of our journey on the Western side of Agios Georgios Beach. We've walked up the hill to the spot I normally launch my drone from when I am flying it around here. Continue between those two balls.

Leonardo Laura Beach & Splash Resort


The first point of interest we arrive at is the Leonardo Laura Splash Resort. They have a nice big sign out back testifying to that fact. Other hotels that back onto coast paths, please take note. If you want us to give you a free plug, identify yourself in a similar fashion. It makes it a lot easier!

Rocky Route


There is some lovely scenery along this portion of the walk, but nothing you could class as a beach. Perhaps the Beach in the Hotel's name refers to Agios Georgios Beach we passed in Part 2?

Distant Beach


There is a landscaped area in front of the Hotel that has a number of nice paths winding through the gardens, They were a bit overgrown on my walk but during the Holiday Season they look lovely. If you take the left-most route it leads to a great place for photographs.

Boat Platform


There is a stage for posed Wedding Shots, I imagine. It looks like an old-fashioned boat.

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