Chloraka Coast Path - Part 2

Published 6th of February, 2024

In the second part of our walk along Chloraka Coast Path we travel from Badger Bay to St George's Beach Hotel. As you shall see, it is possible to walk the Coast Path all the way from the Harbour to Sandy Beach in Lemba, however at one point you do have to ascend a staircase.

Badger Quest


In the first part of our series we started at Dimma Beach and made our way to this quirky little bay. By all means pop down and see it, but afterwards come back to this point unless you fancy walking through a building site.

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Take The High Road


The best way to follow the coast path is to stay on the upper path here, so keep going.

A Handy Map


Here's a map of the route we take today.

Turn Left Here


The path soon arrives at this road. Turn left here, and head towards the building site.

Stairway To Heaven


When we came up this way in Part 1, we couldn't see the staircase. We had walked past Badger Bay and through the building site. If you do the same, be sure to look out for these steps, as from that angle they are easy to miss. We are going to go up here.

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