Chloraka Coast Path - Part 1

Published 30th of January, 2024

Last year we showed you the newly renovated Paphos Coast Path from the Castle all the way to Dimma Beach. In this three part series we continue from where we left off, and make it all the way to Sandy Beach in Lemba. In the first part we find a very interesting little cove which is sure to charm the pants off anybody who follows this route. Let's take a look...

Dimma Beach


We begin our journey at Dimma Beach. This is popular with fishermen and hardier swimmers. It is also a nice place to come and eat a kebab if you have bought one from one of the local takeaways, like Pita Gigas up in the main part of Chloraka.

View From Above


The Coast Park here is quite substantial. It is also well maintained, with a number of bins along the route.

A Map


In case you aren't sure where we are, here is a map showing the beach's location. You can see the main coast road running up the centre of the map, and Duck Pond Market is also marked. Incidentally if you do fancy a kebab then you can also see Pita Gigas on the right. It is an easy drive from there to the beach.

Ample Parking


You can either park in the small Carpark behind the beach, or drive down onto the rocky outcrop itself. Lots of people do this as it isn't particularly challenging to any car.



A handy signpost tells you where the local places are. There is also a dog-poop bin. Dog's are allowed on the walkway, but they must be kept on a lead.

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