Berengaria Hotel

Published 31st of October, 2020

The Main Entrance


So that's why the place was built. But why did it fall into ruin?

Entrance Hall


Things began to turn sour when the hotel owner left the business to his three sons. By all accounts they spent more time fueding amongst themselves than maintaining the hotel, and it fell into a state of disrepair, closing in 1984.

Stripped Bare


I don't know whether the fixtures and fittings were stripped by locals, keen to do a bit of recycling, or whether they were auctioned off. All that remains now though, is a concrete shell.

External Tour


Before venturing inside, lets take a wander around the grounds first. It is always sensible to get to know an area from safety before plunging into the darkness.

Abundant Graffiti


The taggers have been at work, unsurprisingly.

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