Ayios Ioannis Part 1

Published 24th of August, 2019

Good Swing


To get to Ayios Ioannis you take the B6 out of Paphos towards Limassol, and drive up to the Asprokremmos Dam. After the dam, turn left up the F616. Soon it splits in two. You need to go left, on the F617. Keep going until you reach Salamiou, then take the signposted road to the village.

On the way you will pass a terrific view point, with some great swings for the kids and young at heart.

Picnic Bench


There is also a decent picnic bench here. So you could bring a picnic, visit the village and have a picnic on the way back. Sounds like a plan.

Xeros Valley Beauty


The view from the picnic site is fairly indicative of the views you will get on this trip.

To The Village!


Anyway, as you arrive at the village you will be forgiven for thinking you are visiting a typical Cypriot village in bloom. There is even a green bin out indicating a regular rubbish collection.

Eyes Left


However, a glance to your left will show you that all is not necessarily what it seems. That house looks abandoned. There is a very nice traditional clay oven in the front garden, but the house itself is overgrown.

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