Agia Marina Reservoir

Published 19th of November, 2019

Agia Marina is a small, picturesque village to the east of Argaka on the Polis coast.It's farms are irrigated by the nearby reservoir, and as we were in the area we decided to take a look at it...

Nice View!


They say that getting there is half the fun and that is certainly the case with Agia Marina Reservoir. We approached from Polis and turned right when we reached the school. After that we were basically sticking to the main road, though if you plan on visiting I suggest you look at the map (see link below).

Good Road


The road to the reservoir is suitable for all vehicles. If you are planning on exploring further into the woods though, a 4x4 is definitely recommended.

Distant Dam


As we approached the dam we could see it peeping through the trees. The reservoir is one of the smaller ones in the paphos region. Consequently it empties and fills fairly frequently, compared to, say, the Asprokremmos. I don't think you will get vendors selling snacks here each time the waters break.

This Ol' House


There is an old, abandoned house by the dam. I presume it used to be a forestry station.

Class of 65


I presume the building was built in 1965. It bears the seal of ROC on it's wall. I wonder if that is when the dam was constructed? I could find very little information about it online.

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