Vardas Beach Area

Published 20th of August, 2023

The coastline around Paphos has a number of hidden gems. I recently flew the drone around the Vardas Beach Area and thought I would share with you what it saw.

Mystery Piles


Vardas Beach and Restaurant can be found just off the coast road to Kissonerga from Paphos. To get to the coastal area you should park in the area above the tavern. If you are going to eat there you can use their carpark. Otherwise, you should park in the area above it.

I wanted to find a secluded place to fly the drone, as I respect people's privacy and don't want to be too intrusive. So I walked through the restaurant area and past the beach, before settling on these rocks. Somebody had been there before me and made all these little stone piles.

Sandy Beach


Had I continued along the beach I would have ended up at Sandy Beach. There is no official path along this part of the coast though, for now at least.

Towards Paphos


Beyond Sandy Beach though you have more luck. The coast path runs from there all the way down to the harbour, with a couple of breaks. The exact status of sections of the path seems to change on a daily basis.

Vardas Beach


So now let's turn our attention to Vardas Beach itself. It has a small strip of sand centred within a rocky bay. Behind the beach you will find a decent number of sunbeds.


I couldn't see any Lifeguard Station here, do do bear that in mind if you go swimming here.

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