Polis Campsite Beach

Published 24th of April, 2023

Nestled in a delightful Eucalyptus Wood, Polis Campsite is also blessed with a lovely, sandy beach. Until we flew our drone over it, we were unaware of just how beautiful it was. In this article we have a birds-eye view of the beach and campsite and take a walk back in time to see how the recent renovations protect it from the winter deluges.

Lucky Bird


We start with this idyllic scene. In the foreground you can just make out my beloved wife Alex, sifting through the sand looking for interesting pebbles. Behind her and to her right is the main beach. Already there are some sunbeds out, but in the months to come there will be many more.



At the moment, the campsite itself is pretty empty. There were a few tents scattered here and there, but nothing much. Indeed, on most of our visits here we have wondered how the campsite remains viable, as it normally seemed pretty sparsely populated. However, if you should venture out during the holiday season or a Cypriot bank holiday, then the place is packed out. And I mean packed. The first time we experienced it I couldn't believe how many tents were squashed in together!

Towards Latsi


The artificial reefs they have added are proving popular with fishermen and swimmers alike. You won't see any either in this picture though. I actually went swimming on the day I filmed this, and I have to say the water was bloody cold. Mind you, my blood has acclimatised to the Cypriot way of life now. When I first moved here I would happily swim over Christmas. Not now.

Coast Path


There is a lovely Coast Path that runs from Latsi to the Camp Site. It is very popular, and well maintained.

Towards The Campsite


In the distance you can see the foothills of Paphos Forest. There was a bad fire there a few years back, and the vegetation is still to recover properly.

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