Paradise Beach Walk

Published 12th of May, 2022

The North Coast of Paphos is a great area to explore. You may not feel the need to do so, because the easily accessible places like Pomos Harbour are so full of charm. But if you do cast your net slightly wider, you will be richly rewarded. One such location is Paradise Beach. Let's see if we can show you what you have been missing...

Paradise Beckons...


You will pass Paradise Beach on your way to Pomos. You will probably not notice it, but once you drive past that nice view-point cafe it will be on your left fairly soon. This picture shows the entrance from the opposite direction. We are approaching from the Pomos end. The turning you want is just by that bin you can see.

Park Here


There is a little car park here, so pull in and away you go.

This Way


In theory you could drive down there a bit further, but I wouldn't bother. It is not far to walk to the beach. The route can be quite slippery though, so mind how you go.

Old Farm Buildings


As you descend you will see a variety of old frames covered in weeds. I guess a few years ago this was a working farm.

High Beach View


Soon you should get your first taste of Paradise. The beach is nestled at the base of some cliffs. It is almost sandy, by which I mean it is made up of tiny pebbles that are nonetheless too course to be considered sand. Any attempt at making a castle would be doomed to failure.

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