Dragon Cave Beach

Published 2nd of May, 2022

Just past Pomos there is a hidden cove next to a cave steeped in tradition. If you like the idea of a wild beach which you share with the local flora and fauna, then read on, because Dragon Cave Beach will be right up your street.

Getting There


If you take the coast road from Polis and head to Pomos you will have a very nice drive. Indeed, it will be the subject of our third road trip, and I was out taking some pictures for that when I decided to take another look at Dragon Cave Beach. Drive past Pomos and its lovely harbour, and you will soon come to a brown sign pointing left. You can just see it on the centre right of this picture, which shows the view back to Pomos. Take the signposted turning and park in the small carpark you find there.

Walk This Way


Once you have parked the car there is a reasonably short walk to the beach area. Don't worry, these fences don't last for long!

Towards Pomos


Soon you will emerge onto a platform with a path continuing to your left. This is a good spot to take in the view from. It was a bit dusty when I took these pictures but you can still see how nice the area is.

The track down to the beach itself is fairly sturdy.

A Good Heart Is Hard To Find


This heart is a fairly recent addition. I first noticed it last year when I was flying a drone around the sea near here. You can cee that film on our Youtube channel. I think couples are supposed to attach padlocks to it, to signify their undying love, or something.

Next to this heart there is a small cave which actually looks like it is an old burial chamber. I took a photograph of it but there is a bin right next to it which was full of rubbish, so I haven't bothered showing it.

Beach View


At the end of the platform there is a winding staircase that descends to the beach floor. You will pass the cave on the way down, but stick to the stairs for the moment.

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