From Toumpallos to Saranta Kolones

Published 12th of March, 2020

Go Down The Dromos


The subterranean rock-cut complex of the Apollo probable Sanctuary and military encampment Garrison's Camp

A large subterranean corridor with domed roof and open western side is found at "Toumballos", near the northermost end of the residential area of the city and very close to the northern cate of the defensive wall. It contains successive rock-cut chambers along the length of the eastern and northern walls. A rock-cut stepped dromos behind the northern side chambers leads to a lower subterranean space with similar chambers. Along the exposed western wall of the corridor remains of small rooms can be seen. The entire building comples falls within the end of the 4th century B.C, and possibly constituted a combination of a sanctuary with temporary military encampment.


"Dromos" means walkway.

Eyes Right


When you reach the bottom of the steps you have two choices. The entrance to the right is a bit awkward to get into, and I wouldn't bother unless you are determined to do a virtual tour of the entire park that covers everything. The rest of you can just poke your head in here to get an idea of what is there.

You can actually get through to the Basilica if you crawl through there and turn left, so perhaps this is what they meant by the crypt?

Eyes Left


If you turn left it is a different story. Walk down the corridor, and keep to the main path. You may have to duck as the ancient Greeks were a bit shorter than their modern counterparts.

Lower Chambers


After a short, twisty corridor you emerge into some larger chambers. I had to shelter here on one visit because it was raining so much. If you are reading this in summer you will find it hard to imagine, but Cyprus does get a fair amount of rain in the winter. Still, it gives the outdoor mosaics a wash, and provides puddles for some nice reflection shots, so I mustn't grumble.

Centre Court


What are those markings on the wall to the left? They look like the kind of height adjusters you get in book cases. How long has Ikea been in Cyprus?

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