Maronas Time Warp

Published 11th of June, 2019

A new member of our chat group, Tommy Nilsson, was stationed with the UN in Cyprus in 1964. Fortunately for us he liked taking pictures, and he has been sharing them. One picture caught my eye, as it showed the now abandoned village of Maronas as it used to look. I decided to revisit it to get a comparison shot...

Last Year


To get to Maronas, we first drove across the Diarizos Valley through Souskiou, then up through Archimandrata, and approached Maronas from above. I wanted to go this route as I figured Tommy would want to see what the whole valley looked like now. It's hard to imagine what Souskiou must have looked like inhabited.

So, you may ask, why are we looking at a picture taken in the spring of 2018? Well, it comes from the Souskiou blog we did, and I want you to pay attention to that funny construction in the centre of the field.

Not a Cooker


From a distance it looks like an old cooker. And let's face it, it wouldn't be the first one we have found on our travels. But it is actually much bigger than that.

Look at it now though...

Flood Damage


Looks a bit different now, doesn't it? This was all rain damage. I still don't think a lot of people appreciate just how much rain we had, in such a short space of time, over the winter. Honestly, I think Cyprus got off lightly in terms of damage.

I like the way this thing has a street light on top of it.

Mosquito Larvae?


Unfortunately, the water surrounding this strange object is stagnant and appears to be teaming with mosquito larvae. This is a bit of a problem at the moment. So the sooner these pools burn away in the heat the better.

Just for Tommy


Here's a shot showing Souskiou today. It was actually a bit cloudy, and very humid.

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