Tremithousa Gorge

Published 24th of July, 2021

If you drive through Tremithousa from the Mesogi Road Paps, taking the low road, you will pass what looks like a charming landscaped gorge. As we normally drive the route on the way to somewhere else, we don't usually have time to stop for a look. The other day, I made time, and this is what I found.

Bridge Over The River Koskinas


this is the usual scene I see when I drive down this way - a well-maintained bridge over an inviting gorge.

Park Here


There is a layby just past the bridge, so I pulled over there. As you can see, the grounds here are also very well manicured. I wish our lawn looked like that.

Not An Amphitheatre


I have to admit that on previous journeys I had seen the rocks you see here and assumed them to be part of an amphitheatre. The spotlights add to that effect.

Standard Shrine


The presence of a shrine here should come as a surprise to nobody. You find shrines like this (though rarely so well maintained) all over Cyprus.

Nice Walkway


Anyway, once I parked, I headed back to the bridge, and took this walkway that runs to the right of it. There is another path to the right of this as well. We shall come to that in a bit.

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