Tipsy Turtle - Review

Published 5th of July, 2022

Tipsy Turtle is a tavern that can be found in Argaka, on the North coast of Paphos. We visited a few days ago, and this is our report.

The Restaurant


Tipsy Turtle can be found just before Santa Barbara Beach, on the right hand side of the Coastal Road, as you leave Polis. I had first heard of it because somebody online mentioned they did Cornish Pasties. I have always been a fan of a proper Cornish Pasty, and it is one of the foods I occasionally pine for.

Now, there will be a proportion of you no doubt up in arms at the thought of somebody emigrating to another country and then yearning for a reminder of their original homeland. If you think like that then by all means stop reading. Just let other people eat where they want to eat. Britain is full of restaurants from all around the globe, and it is all the better for it. What is wrong with a restaurant in another part of the world offering British food?

Don't get me wrong, I love a good souvla, kleftico and stifado, though I am not so keen on suckling pig. However, sometimes I fancy a bit of traditional British grub, and it is nice to know that I have the option.

The Back


If you visit, be aware that there is a carpark behind the venue which has plenty of space, so park there.

Round We Go


You get into the bar by walking back up the drive. Note though that this is one way. To leave you should take the exit on the other side.

Pub Grub


I don't think whoever runs this would be offended if I said it reminded me of UK Pub Grub. I don't mean an Islington Gastro Pub, but the traditional local offering a Sunday Roast and possibly a meat raffle, though in this heat that wouldn't be a good idea I guess.

Sea View


Of course, in the UK, you would be very lucky to get such a nice location. The weather had clouded over by the time we arrived for lunch, just after 2PM. If it is sunny you need not worry, as plenty of shade is provided by the mulberry trees that grow at the front.

The big question is, what is the food like? Well the menu, which you can see overleaf, is a mixture of tradition British Pub Grub with a liberal sprinkling of Cypriot Tavern food.

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