The Call of Choulou - Part 2

Published 5th of March, 2022

In the concluding part of our visit to Choulou, we go in search of a cave and an old bridge, before finishing up high above the village by an enigmatic chapel. Come with us and enjoy the view...

The Road To Agios Fotios


We pick up the trail through Choulou on the main road. I know that somewhere up ahead there lurks a cave. I know this because I found a map online that showed some of Choulou's features. It consisted mainly of churches, but there was also a waterfall which we have already covered, a cave, and an ancient bridge.

Spring Growth


Spring flowers can make anything look pretty.

Free Range Or Caged?


This house kept some hens. I have always fancied raising chickens, as nothing beats the taste of freshly laid free-range eggs. Apparently chickens are quite smelly though.

Clean Village


It is worth pointing our how neat and tidy Choulou is. As you can see, there is very little litter about.

Welcome Frog


This house had a friendly garden ornament.

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